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What would it take to change your life?

Kai Rainey's Transformation

Recently, CrossFit released an article titled "Change Your Life in 24 Hours". It was written by a woman named Kai Rainey. Kai weighed in at over 300lb when she decided to embark on her CrossFit journey. In her article, she talks about the first 24 CrossFit classes you attend. 24 Hours to change your life. It's so simple, yet the biggest roadblock in your way is probably between your ears. The unfortunate problem we run into when trying to make a major change is that it's going to be hard. I know, I know! You're saying "Duh! Of course I know that". But WHAT do we do when we get kicked in the teeth? We cope. And guess how most of us get into the physical downward spiral in the first place? You guessed it, our coping habits. Some of us are fortunate enough to tend toward exercise as a coping mechanism for life's challenges. But so many others among us turn to alcohol, fast food, chocolate, cigarettes, drugs, etc.... Deciding to change your life takes more than momentary resolve. It takes so much more than an emotional response to an article or video. It takes a plan of attack. And it takes an honest appraisal of how you are likely to react when the going gets tough and you get discouraged. Write down the things you reach for when you are stressed out. Is it doughnuts? Is it ice-cream? Is it alcohol? Now, imagine yourself indulging. And then try to remember how you feel EVERY SINGLE TIME you cope with those things.

Deciding to change your life takes more than momentary resolve

Has it EVER made you feel better for longer than the time it took to swallow it? Now, imagine saying no to those things and opting for a bike ride, a CrossFit workout, a walk, or really any physical activity instead. And then let's try to remember that LASTING feeling of accomplishment and pride!

The fact is, your brain is a DIRTY LIAR! It promises you joy if you'll just indulge in whatever coping mechanism you rely on. But it delivers shame, anxiety, depression, etc... once the dust settles. You have to plan for this. Put notes for yourself everywhere and have a plan. Sticky notes that say things like "Ice Cream will NOT make me happy. Taking a walk WILL make me happy". Know yourself. Make a plan. Execute the plan. 24 hours is doable. Take 1 day of your life, split it across 6-8 weeks, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! The CrossFit community is here for you. YOU are literally why we exist. Take advantage! I hope to see you soon. ;-)

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