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Focus and Never Give Up!

Let's face it, life is hard. Whether you are struggling to feed your family, battling depression, fighting obesity, etc..., life is never without challenge. If you're a human being, you will fail, over and over. And it usually feels like you're the only one failing, while everyone else is winning. But here's a little secret I learned a long time ago. EVERYONE is failing ALL THE TIME! That's life. You will never win all the time. It's not going to happen. But you ALWAYS have the choice to respond to your failures positively or negatively. When we embrace our failures, learn, and move on, we are setting ourselves up for a big win.

Looking at the Venn diagram above, there are 3 places to focus your energy:

  • Important things you CAN'T control

  • Unimportant things you can control

  • Important things you CAN control

That third one is where the sweet spot in life is. When we focus our energies on unimportant things we can control, it makes us feel like we're at least doing something. But when we do that, we're spinning our wheels!

The key is to figure out what's important to us, what we can do about it, dig in and get to work! And then never give up. Because you'll fail a lot. But that doesn't make important things less important. And it doesn't mean you can't be effective. Just keep trying, and trying, and trying!

Let's go!

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