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What Do You Want?

Updated: Jun 18

How often do you sit down and really ask yourself the question "What do I want"? If you're like me, you're probably too busy putting out fires and getting the day to day stuff done to really think about life goals. Not to be cynical, but if we keep doing that, we'll wake up one day, and realize that we haven't achieved the things we've really wanted to achieve in life.

Don't Mistake Doing Tasks for Achievement!

If you made a list of tasks every day and got everything on the list done, are you guaranteed to achieve your goals? Absolutely not! What if everything on the list was stuff OTHER people wanted done? In fact, for most of us, that's a pretty typical day. Time is precious, and every moment that passes is a moment that you will never get back!

Here's your exercise for today:

Take 10 minutes and write down a few major life goals. Each goal could be anything. But it has to be something that is deeply meaningful to you. Make sure each goal is not only something you really want, but something you're willing to put in the work for. If you'd love to become a famous violinist, but you aren't really into practicing violin, you should probably skip that one. LOL.

Now, post those goals somewhere you'll see them every day (preferably all throughout the day). The simple act of writing out your goals and keeping them in focus will dramatically change how you approach your day. And when you are thinking about NOT doing something you know you should do, ask yourself (out loud if possible): "What do I want?".

If you are tired and thinking of skipping the gym, but one of your goals is to maintain a fit lifestyle, that simple question will help you re-focus. Because you really want two things: 1) comfort now 2) fitness for life. But which one do you want more?

Let's make this week the best it can be!

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