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Willpower and its counterintuitive nature

nosce te ipsum - Know thyself

I find it fascinating just how poorly we understand ourselves. I'm also a huge believer in empirical evidence no matter how counterintuitive it may be. In this 25 minute video, Kelly McGonigal may just blow your mind if you're willing to be honest with yourself. The decisions we make are heavily influenced by factors we aren't even consciously aware of. And even if we are aware, we often don't connect in our minds how we are being influenced. Ever indulged in some Halo Top ice cream and felt pretty darned good about it? Or have you ever donated to charity or considered donating, and then turned around and indulged in a luxury item? Being aware of our motivations, and being honest with ourselves about whether our actions are in-line with our morals and long-term goals is a challenge we must deal with daily. Hopefully, this interview will open your eyes a bit about yourself. If you watch this and don't have an "A-HAH!" moment... watch it again ;-)

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