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The CrossFit Community

CFI has been open since 2009 and I've had the chance to see a LOT of what makes up the CrossFit community. And I have to say that it would be difficult to do a much better job of mobilizing the masses to take care ourselves than what CrossFit has done. We have a culture of "work hard and get results". Every day that we go to the gym and train, we face reality rather than hide from it. In a society that has become incredibly complacent about physical health, the culture that you'll find in any CrossFit box in the world is completely different. EVERY single box is unique. But despite the differences, CrossFit is saving lives... literally. CFI is just one of thousands of CF boxes. But we have members that have radically changed their lives for the better. None of us will live forever. But the time we do have can either be sickly and painful, or it can be adventurous and full of vigor. THAT is our product. It's not cool selfies, spandex, and high fives. Sure, that stuff is cool. But as you travel through life, our product is to facilitate a better quality of life.

I believe very strongly in personal responsibility. We are responsible for our own actions, our attitudes, and how we deal with the things outside of our control. Those that thrive in the CrossFit community understand that it is their responsibility to take action, to work hard, and to earn their health on a daily basis. They take Initiative (see what I did there?), rather than waiting to be told. But the beautiful thing is that they are surrounded by people eager to lift them up when they need it, to celebrate their wins, and console them when they're down.

The CrossFit Community is far from perfect, just like every community on this planet. But it's wonderful. It's the front line against all of us ending up like the passengers of the starship in the movie Wall-E. If you aren't working out at a CrossFit gym, you should be. Of all the things you spend money on, this is a real investment. There are life-changing boxes all over Reno and Sparks. Find one. Take initiative. Change your life.

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