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The Good Guys. Abundance vs Scarcity

Our mission at CFI is to change the world, one person at a time. Every person that walks through our doors is a person that has chosen to take responsibility for their health and wellness. And we are here to help facilitate that journey to the best of our abilities. I've been to a LOT of CrossFit gyms over the past decade. Most of them have been on the west coast. But I've visited gyms as far east as New York and as far west as Hawaii. And something I've NEVER seen at a CrossFit gym is a culture of "we really don't care about our members". Every gym I've ever visited was filled with people that care. And THAT is the stark difference between CrossFit and the big box gyms. Granted, there are people in those big box gyms that might care about their clients. But the organizations are there to make money... period. I know people that have managed those gyms. They plan for, and target ~5% usage. That means that they are honestly hoping that 95% of their paying members rarely, if ever, step foot in the gym once their automatic payments are established!

I am happy to take clients from a dysfunctional situation like that and bring them to CFI where we actually want them to come to the gym. But what I don't believe in is disparaging other CrossFit gyms/functional training facilities. Why not? Because they are the GOOD GUYS! They are me. And I am them. I can honestly say that no matter what CrossFit gym you go to in Northern Nevada (or anywhere really), you have a much better chance of actually achieving your goals than any big box gym regardless of their fancy amenities. Towels, lotions, neon lights, and poolside cocktails don't make you fitter. Intense running, jumping, lifting, and proper stretching and recovery make you fitter. And that's what CrossFit gyms around the world offer the public. It's so accessible!

This is how I look at our business model: If every eligible adult in Reno decided to start CrossFitting tomorrow... we would need dozens of new CrossFit affiliates just to keep up with demand! What a glorious day that would be! And CrossFit Initiative isn't going to change the world by fighting over the few hundred already motivated people in Reno with other gyms. We're going to change the world by encouraging ordinary people to stop living a sedentary lifestyle with a terrible diet. Taking those people on the journey toward longevity, health, and happiness is how we'll make a difference. It's what we're committed to doing. There is an overabundance of people in our area that NEED help. And if we focus on providing that help, showing them love and compassion, and teaching them to exercise and eat right, our business will continue to thrive.

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