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Friday Night Lights!

The CrossFit open comes to an end this week. Each week is like Christmas where you only get one gift and it's a box full of pain! This week we are inviting you to bring family and friends to the gym this Friday night for a workout party! We'll be completing 18.5, bbqing cheeseburgers, and enjoying each other's company. We'll be selling FitAid for $2, and if FitAidRx is your thing, we'll be selling that for $2.50. That is ,of course, "while supplies last" ;-)

Also, the Friday Night Lights will be SO BRIGHT, we'll also be giving out FitAid sunglasses to the first 15 Worker...outers! As you come in the door at or after 4:30pm, if you're doing the WOD, you get a pair of shades (We have orange, pink, and blue). Bring a side dish and if you want to bring any special drinks, feel free. The burgers will be lettuce wrapped. This is a BYOB (bring your own bun) BBQ. We hope to see y'all there!


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