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Soupha Jones


Meet Soupha Jones, the heart and soul of CrossFit Initiative! With a CrossFit journey that began back in 2008, Soupha has been lifting, jumping, and inspiring our community for over a decade. As a dedicated high school science teacher, she brings the same passion and energy to the gym as she does to her classroom.

Soupha's love for Olympic weightlifting is evident in every class she leads. Her background as a college volleyball player adds a unique dynamic to her coaching style, and she still enjoys hitting the sand courts whenever she can.

Born in Laos, Soupha and her family bravely escaped in 1980 when she was just four years old, eventually settling in Modesto, CA. This remarkable journey has shaped her into the resilient and compassionate person she is today.

When she's not coaching or teaching, you can find Soupha surrounded by animals, holding babies, and spreading positivity with one of her favorite quotes: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."

Join Soupha for a workout and experience the joy, strength, and community she brings to CrossFit Initiative!

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