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Kahlan VanCott


Kahlan VanCott started her CrossFit journey at the age of 14, choosing it over a second season of cross country because she was hooked! Her dedication and passion for CrossFit have only grown since then.

Kahlan's favorite lift is the clean, and she thrives in bodyweight workouts. Give her running, pull-ups, push-ups, or burpees, and she's all in—definitely not the typical CrossFitter response!

You'll usually find Kahlan working out at 8 AM, and sometimes she joins her 5:45 PM class on Tuesday nights if it's small and she likes the workout.

Her coaching style is simple, genuine, and detail-oriented. Having dealt with back issues herself, Kahlan emphasizes quality over quantity to avoid injuries and ensure clean movements. She's known for reminding everyone to keep their backs straight—often!

Outside of the gym, Kahlan has a lifelong love for filmmaking and video work. She enjoys editing videos the most but also loves shooting them. Every year, she creates a video for her family's annual beach vacation, which has become iconic. Kahlan dreams of becoming a cinematographer for movies one day—maybe it will happen!

Join Kahlan for a workout and experience her genuine coaching and attention to detail at CrossFit Initiative!

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