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Lisa Morris


Lisa Morris began her CrossFit journey at CrossFit Initiative in 2012, thanks to a friend's encouragement. Since then, the daily WOD (workout of the day) has been a highlight of her routine. In 2016, Lisa transitioned to coaching, inspired by the life-changing impact of hard work in a positive CrossFit community.

One of Lisa's favorite CrossFit quotes is, "If at first you don’t succeed, you’re definitely doing CrossFit." As a coach, she's dedicated to celebrating all the wins and keeping you motivated on your health and wellness journey, one workout at a time.

CrossFit Initiative has always been her home, and her return to coaching after battling cancer in 2021 has been a heartfelt reunion. Lisa loves workouts that involve running and bodyweight movements (yes, she likes burpees!).

Balancing life with a husband and three kids, Lisa works out whenever she can, typically in the late morning to late afternoon. Her coaching style is attentive, positive, and systematic, ensuring every athlete receives personalized and effective guidance.

Beyond the gym, Lisa enjoys hiking with her yellow lab, Bismarck. She believes fitness should enhance life outside the gym, and she embodies this philosophy fully.

Join Lisa for a workout and experience her attentive coaching and infectious positivity at CrossFit Initiative!

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