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Linda Frizzell


Meet Linda Frizzell, a passionate and supportive coach at CrossFit Initiative! Linda's CrossFit journey began in 2012, inspired by friends who encouraged her to try it out. She fell in love with the sport instantly. In 2015, she and her son took their passion to the next level by buying a CrossFit gym, where Linda began coaching to help out with classes.

Linda's coaching style is best described in three words: positive, passionate, and supportive. She brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to every session, ensuring her athletes feel motivated and encouraged.

Linda is no stranger to the gym environment. Since 1988, she has been teaching various aerobic classes, including Step, Spin, High Impact Aerobics, and kickboxing. She even competed in aerobics for three years and coached individuals to regional and world competitions.

Outside the gym, Linda's newest hobby is Pickleball, but she also enjoys playing racquetball and hiking. Her diverse interests and extensive fitness background make her a versatile and inspiring coach.

Join Linda for a workout and experience her positive energy and unwavering support at CrossFit Initiative!

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