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New To CrossFit or It's been a while?

At CrossFit Initiative, we utilize the Level Method to guide our members' individual journeys in Fitness.  There are three key elements to the Level Method:





When you become a member at CrossFit Initiative, we want to know where you are as an athlete (your strengths and areas you need to work on).  We break your fitness assessment into 4, low stress, introductory sessions where you'll get great workouts and learn some stuff.  And we cap it off with a body composition scan on our Seca 514 mBCA and a personalized Success Planning Session. 

Your first session is ON US! 

No Risk.  No Commitment.  If you decide to continue your journey toward fitness with us, you would pay $249 for the 3 remaining personal training sessions, body composition scan, Success Planning session, AND your first month of membership.


This is where we get to work.   Once your first 4 sessions are complete and we know what your personal plan for success is, AND we know your current ability levels, our daily workouts have options specifically tailored to you!  This way, you get the absolute most out of your time at the gym.  Once your fitness has been assessed, you can workout safely, and push yourself just the right amount to maximize your progress toward your goals.


This is the fun part!  We periodically reevaluate your current levels and you have a chance to showcase your progress to yourself, your gym family, and your friends.  And when you make progress, we ALL celebrate your accomplishments with you!

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