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Cathryn Harter

I had seen a respectable number of my co-workers get involved with CrossFit, and although they were quite motivated and happy, I was a little intimidated by the intensity and thought it wasn’t for me.

Fast-forward a couple of years and I was looking around, somewhat desperately, for a workout that would get results.  Suddenly, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I remembered my CrossFitting co-workers.  I called Initiative, left a message, and had my assessment the following Wednesday. I was immediately in love and never looked back.

CrossFit has helped me discover my own strength, and it has given me the confidence to try things I would never have considered possible.

My favorite element by far of CrossFit Initiative is the community – I could not have come this far without the support and encouragement of my fellow CrossFitters here.  It is cool water in the desert.

Nate T

I have been going to CFI for about 2 years now, in that time my strength and cardiovascular endurance have made incredible gains. I recently attended a 3 week long military school (no days off) that was very physically demanding, carrying loads as heavy as 90lbs for up to 12 miles, on no more than 4 hours of sleep. Due to my physical conditioning I was still able to be mentally competent as well, even with all of the induced stress. In short; thanks to CFI I was able to complete all required training injury free and graduate  near the top of my class.

Matt Bow

I try to not to exaggerate or speak in hyperbole. That being said, what CFI has done for me has been incredible! Since joining four months ago I have lost around 30 pounds and feel a hundred times better. CFI has awesome coaches that have been great in helping me achieve my goals. I had never been a fitness minded person in the past, but now my workout is the best part of my day. I am really glad that CFI has become an important part of my life.

Kelley Bow

My husband and I started 4 months ago. I can’t believe the weight I’ve lost and the muscle I have built. When I started, I was only able to do one of the lifts at 105 pounds and a couple weeks ago I did 4 reps of the same lift at 145 pounds. I can also see an increase in my flexibility and endurance. The coaches are so encouraging and so helpful that it enhances your drive for success. I am completely amazed at what CrossFit Initiative has done for me!

Jeff Day

Over 50 and my body hurts every morning! I can’t move and have fun like I used to, and wondering where this path of aging is taking me. This is how it was prior to joining CrossFit Initiative 4 years ago. I am still in amazement how this program has transformed me from old self to new self. The Coaches at CFI brought me under their wings, and as an athlete I thought I had seen it all with no hope in sight. After about 3 months, the aches and pains started to disappear, and here I am today back on the bike, tennis court, running, etc, and having fun outdoors again. The owners of CFI, Ty and Soupha Jones have established a wonderful balance between fun and performance. Consequently, I have made many friends from the coaches to the members. Great folks, tons of fun, and laughs while sweating out the toxins, and building muscle. I am in for life with CrossFit Initiative. Thank you Team CFI.

Marc Espin

I started CrossFit in May of 2010 at 46. It was one of the best decisions of my life and at 53, I would give the 20-year-old me a run for his money!  Since Day 1 I’ve been with CrossFit Initiative and have no intention of ever switching boxes.  The owners (Ty and Soupha Jones) are great people who truly care about their members, providing excellent coaching and consistently making improvements to the equipment and the “gym” over the years.  CFI is also very active in the CrossFit community, sponsoring charity WOD’s/competitions as well as supporting the same put on by other CrossFit gyms.  It’s the awesome vibe here, and most of all, the people (shout out to my 6:30am-ers) that will keep me coming back for years to come!

Tina Montella

In the past, I have tried a variety of workout classes. I found that I always quickly got bored with the classes, and never stuck with any of them for more than six months. When I joined CFI many, many years ago, what intrigued me was that the workouts were always changing. There was always a new skill to work on. If I mastered the skill, there was always a new goal to work towards (heavier weight, more reps, faster time, etc). It’s always challenging, and it’s always fun. On top of that, the people I have met at CFI keep me going. Their perseverance and dedication inspire me every day!

Carolyn Dolan

I started CFI 3 years ago.  Little did I know how much it would change my life. It helped me learn how to be an athlete again after 3 kids. It taught me that I can do hard things, it just takes patience and commitment. I feel more confident in my body to live an active life than I did even in my college basketball days. Every time I walk in the doors there is always a smiling and welcoming diverse group to great me. Some moms, some retired, some professionals, but all fun. CrossFit can be for everyone if you only get past your fear and learn to listen to your body. Thank you CFI team!

Steve Sarian

What a wonderful accident discovering CF Initiative.  My wife and I dropped-In when our Box was closed one weekend and Carlos was coaching that Saturday’s weightlifting class.  We soon met both of the Initiative  ‘over-60’ Games competitors.  It was quite inspiring.

Ty and Soupha lead a dedicated coaching staff.  We were very impressed and grateful for their attention to detail to form.  We chose to join, and I soon felt much more confident in my lifting, and made quick progress, making it to the Masters Qualifiers over the next 2 years.

Laura Bow

I’ve been a member of several other CrossFit gyms in different parts of the country, and I can honestly say that this place is one of the best! The members here are friendly and so welcoming, everyone works hard and there is absolutely no judgment no matter your fitness level! There’s a section of the gym fenced off for kids/toddlers to play, so I’m able to bring my kids with me every time I come. The trainers here are extremely knowledgeable and really focus on challenging you while placing a priority on safety and good movement. I highly recommend CFI, whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or are just starting out!

Paul Letson

Everyone is very kind, welcoming, and knows how to have fun. Members range from beginners to athletes so no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll fit right in.  Try it! They work with you wherever you are in your fitness journey. Also, stick with it! You’ll be sore at first, but if you really commit, your body will adjust and you’ll impress yourself!

Don Hubler

Love this place and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I have been a member at other gyms, and CFI really does its homework to make sure that this is truly a community and not just a place to sweat. Come on down!

John M

As a CrossFit skeptic and someone used to working out alone, I wasn’t sure this was the right thing for me, but I can safely say that I’ve seen steady gains in my lifts and overall strength while also improving my flexibility. CrossFit Initiative is a great group of individuals and coaches – always supportive and willing to work with you on skills improvement or whatever you need help with.

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