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Ty Jones


Meet Ty Jones, the behind-the-scenes wizard of CrossFit Initiative! As a software developer, podcaster, and the entire IT department for our gym, Ty keeps everything running smoothly. While you won't often see him coaching, you'll definitely encounter his friendly face striking up a conversation during your workout or offering some (unsolicited) advice on your weightlifting form.

Ty has a master's degree in computer science from UNR, and when he's not solving technical issues, you can find him working out at either 9:30 AM or noon. Known for his love of dad jokes and his ability to fix just about anything, Ty brings a unique blend of humor and technical expertise to our community.

Whether you need a good laugh or a quick tech fix, Ty is your go-to guy. He might even drop a dad joke or two while he's at it!

Join Ty for a workout and experience the perfect mix of tech-savvy solutions and lighthearted fun at CrossFit Initiative.

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