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Cheryl Alder


Cheryl Alder embarked on her CrossFit journey in 2013, inspired by her husband Matt, who started in 2011. Initially, the cost was prohibitive with young kids at home, but once they moved to Nevada and their eldest child could babysit, Cheryl joined Matt at the gym and was hooked immediately.

Cheryl began coaching at the request of Soupha, and her passion for seeing people become stronger, fitter, and healthier made it an easy decision. She admires everyone willing to put in the work to improve their health and loves pushing people to try new challenges, increase their weight load, or add extra accessory work (hello, sled pulls!).

Her favorite movements include deadlifts, pull-ups, cleans, push presses, sled pushes, sled pulls, and—just kidding—burpees! You can typically find Cheryl working out at 8:00 AM.

Cheryl’s coaching style is:

  • Relational: She enjoys getting to know her athletes and learning about their lives.

  • Intentional: Cheryl ensures that every athlete is doing the right movement with proper form and adequate weight, avoiding sandbagging.

  • Democratic: She believes in giving athletes autonomy over their workouts, adjusting to their needs for the day, but she’s not afraid to challenge them with more weight if needed.

Outside the gym, Cheryl loves spending time with people, photography, gardening, decorating and interior design, tackling house projects with Matt, enjoying lattes from The Hub, traveling, camping, and exploring holistic health.

Join Cheryl for a workout and experience her intentional, relational, and empowering coaching style at CrossFit Initiative!

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