Move, Lose, & Cruise FNC Thoughts
I’d like to take a little time to congratulate you on participating in this year’s MLC.  Final measurements are being taken this week.  I know that the results varied from person to person… from team to team.  But whether all your dreams came true, or you struggled the whole time and didn’t achieve as well as you’d hoped, you should be proud for throwing your hat in the ring.  True change, lasting change, comes from a refusal to give up.  It comes from a tenacious return to your goals.  Things that truly matter to you should be sought after for a lifetime.  Health, wealth, and wisdom come from the daily routine and the daily struggle.  These things are not obtained in 6 weeks.  BUT, 6 weeks of work is incredibly valuable.  It’s a time of focus that can help get you on the right path.  It can help you correct course and refocus your habits.  I encourage you to see the past 6 weeks for what they were.  They were meant to be a habit forming period.  Here are some habits successful people have:

  1. Planning: They plan their meals and they plan their time.  A week at a time is a great way to achieve success.  Set aside time each week to plan and prepare for the upcoming week.  Future you will thank you repeatedly.
  2. Execution: They execute the plan.  Never exactly as laid out.  On the fly changes are inevitable.  But here’s the thing.  If you don’t have a plan, you’ll twist in the wind.  You have zero direction and you will be a victim of your whims and impulses.
  3. Self Acceptance: We are weak and we fail… a lot.  Successful people accept that about themselves.  But they refuse to beat themselves up over their failures.  Rather, they refocus on their goals… continually.  And ultimately, they succeed more than they fail.  When you fail next time, forgive yourself, refocus, and get back to it.

Barbell Warm Up
2 Snatch Long Pull + 2 Snatch Push Press + 2 OHS x 4

Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch (2s pause for both) x 5

Push Press + Jerk BNK + Jerk (5s hold in split) x 5

For time:
– 25 Burpees
– 25 Dumbbell Thrusters (45/25)
– 25 Inverted Burpees
– 5 Wall Balls (20/14) (start with burpees)

For Time:
– 25 Burpees
– 25 Power Cleans (115/80)
– 25 Burpees
– 7 Wall Balls (20/14) (start with burpees)

For Time:
– 25 Burpees
– 25 Power Cleans (135/95)
– 25 Burpees
– 7 Wall Balls (20/14) (start with burpees)

EMOM x 10′
– Odd: Triple Unders
– Even: GHD Sit ups

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